A Heartwarming Tale of a Man’s Dedication to Rescuing Senior Dogs and Giving Them a Second Chance at a Happy Life

Steve Greig was devastated after his beloved dog passed away, and despite the passing of several months, he still felt the pain of his loss. In an effort to fill the void, he decided to rescue another dog from a shelter. However, he didn’t want just any dog. He went to a local shelter in Denver, Colorado, to adopt a senior dog who may have been overlooked due to their age or health condition. His decision led him to become a proud dad to ten elder dogs, all of whom he rescued from shelters. With over 478k followers on Instagram, his page is filled with adorable photos of his furry family.


After a period of one or two months, I continued to feel terrible about the situation.


I came to the conclusion that my emotional state would only improve if a positive occurrence took place, one that likely would not have transpired had he not passed away.


Therefore, I decided to bring into my life a Chihuahua who was already 12 years old and had some health issues such as a heart murmur and four weak knees.


“That marked the commencement of the animal parade, and more creatures were yet to come.”


Greig is a very busy dad to his 10 senior shelter dogs.


My typical routine entails waking up at the crack of dawn, precisely 5 a.m., and preparing breakfast for everyone.


“Well, there are about 10 dogs and each one of them has a unique diet.”


In addition, he escorts them to the groomer’s and the veterinarian.


They offer medication to individuals who are suffering from health issues.


Greig takes the time to return home during his lunch break just to release and reward his furry companions.


As he is absent, the charming crowd gets the chance to showcase their individuality and personality.


Pets were always present in my childhood home.


Growing up, my folks shared a deep passion for all creatures great and small. They had a natural affinity for animals and treated them with the same love and respect they gave to fellow humans.


I was fortunate enough to have been granted the freedom to acquire whatever I desired, as long as I was capable of managing it effectively.


As canines age, they become more experienced creatures.


It’s amazing how certain things can instantly make a space feel like home. There’s just something about them that brings a sense of comfort and familiarity, even if you’re in a brand new place. It could be a cozy blanket, a favorite scent, or a piece of artwork that holds special meaning. Whatever it is, these small touches have a way of transforming a living space into a personal sanctuary.


There’s a sense of satisfaction in knowing that these men feel content, appreciated and are receiving good care.


“My days feel meaningful because of it.”


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