“Adorable Canine with an Unusually Long Neck Finds a Loving Forever Family”

Rescue Dog With An Incredibly Long Neck Finds Forever Home

Ketama, a Spanish greyhound, who has an exceptionally long neck of 25cm has been adopted by a new family and is now leading a happy life. The two-year-old rescue dog belongs to a breed of naturally elongated dogs, but Ketama’s neck is closer in size to that of a male. Monique Morsink, the owner, is delighted to have Ketama as part of the family.

Credit: Splitpics UK

Spanish greyhounds or sighthounds were originally bred as hunting and racing dogs because of their agility and slender bodies. Unfortunately, like many other breeds, they are often subjected to cruelty from humans. However, there is some good news. Ketama, a Spanish greyhound, was rescued by Monique and her partner Martijn ten Voorde from the Netherlands. They took her in and gave her a loving home. Monique describes Ketama as an impressive pooch. She is longer than most of the females in her breed and has the measurements of a male.

Ketama has a 25cm neck. Credit: Splitpics UK

Ketama, a Galgo Español breed, often attracts attention on the streets due to her unique appearance. As her owner, Monique ensures that Ketama is kept safe by using multiple leashes, including a collar and safety harness, since she is slim and agile enough to escape easily. Monique also revealed that mistreatment of Galgos is a big problem in Spain, where they are traditionally used for hunting. Dogs that do not meet the hunter’s standards are either killed or abandoned.

She was rescued from a centre in Spain and now lives with owner Monique in the Netherlands. Credit: Splitpics UK

After being rescued from a center in Spain, Ketama now lives with her owner Monique in the Netherlands. Monique discovered Ketama through a network of rescue centers dedicated to saving Galgos from abuse. Ketama has proven to be a fun and silly dog which Monique hopes will help bring attention to the Galgo Español breed and the troubling situation they face in Spain. Despite being a bit mischievous at times, Ketama is a joy to be around and simply craves attention. She is highly intelligent and will do anything for a treat. In Monique’s household, Ketama is a beloved member who always wants to be near her family.

Credit: Splitpics UK

According to Splitpics UK, their furry friend can be mischievous at times. Whenever they are not giving her enough attention, she will look for something to play with and make sure that her owners notice her by throwing it up in the air. However, she does not discriminate between good and bad attention as she believes that any kind of attention is better than none.
One incident that stands out is when Splitpics UK was having breakfast and their pet hid her ball under the couch. She then proceeded to cry until her owners got up to retrieve the ball, but instead of playing with it, she ran straight to the table to steal some food. The situation turned into a funny moment for everyone involved.

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