Fluffy the Pup overcomes tragedy: From Burn Victim to Beloved Pet

The way some individuals treat animals is appalling. One example is the case of an innocent dog named Riona who was subjected to unimaginable pain when her owner set her on fire. Despite the traumatic incident that occurred almost a year ago, Riona is now embarking on a fresh start as she is set to move into her new forever home.

Last year in the month of June, the people of Nutbush, Tennessee were shocked to witness an awful incident. Riona, a mixed breed of pit bull, was seen running down the street on fire, and the strong smell of gasoline made it clear that she was intentionally set ablaze.

According to Mallory Mclemore from Bluff City Veterinary Specialists, the smell of gas was overpowering. Ginger Natoli, the founder of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, confirmed that Riona was burned and covered in diesel fuel, and that witness statements prove she was intentionally set on fire. In addition, a neighbor’s ring cam footage shows her running while engulfed in flames. While Riona did lose an ear due to the burns, emergency responders were able to save her left eye. After being taken in by Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, she received medical care at Bluff City Veterinary Specialists and was given daily full body wraps to protect her skin as it healed.

Riona’s path towards healing started with several skin grafts aimed at treating the extensive fourth-degree burns that covered her body. Despite the challenges she faced, she maintained a positive attitude throughout her recovery journey.

According to Mclemore of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, the dog they rescued is constantly wagging her tail. The situation is heartbreaking due to her sweet nature. It’s unacceptable for someone to harm such a friendly dog who loves everyone.

As word about Riona’s tale circulated, her supporters flooded her with donations and presents to show their support for her journey.

In the meantime, an individual named Quishon Brown, who is 43 years old, was apprehended for reportedly causing harm to Riona by lighting her on fire. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault and two serious felonies – aggravated animal cruelty and arson. Nonetheless, the case is yet to be heard in court.

Over time, Riona’s health improved, and she’s now getting ready to move into her permanent home after almost a year of recovery from the tragedy. Tails of Hope revealed that Riona will embark on a ten-hour road trip to reach her new abode.

Tails of Hope Dog Rescue shared the heartwarming story of Riona, a dog who found her forever home. Natoli, a member of the rescue team, expressed that their main objective was to find Riona a loving family, and they succeeded. Riona’s new family consists of other furry friends, kids, a large yard, and caretakers with medical expertise who can care for her injuries. This is just the beginning of Riona’s journey, and Tails of Hope acknowledged that everyone who was involved in her rescue played a part in this miracle for their “warrior” girl.

Tails of Hope serves as a gentle reminder that animal rescue is an ongoing mission. They recently shared about Riona, who has found a loving new home, but also welcomed a new rescue dog who had suffered burns. This highlights the constant need for help and support in their work. Despite her traumatic past, Riona’s future is now filled with hope and new opportunities.

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