From Wottie Pups to Puppy Love: The Unconventional Pairing of a Petite West Highland Terrier and an Oversized Rottweiler

According to popular belief, love has no limits, and the story of these two adorable dogs is a clear example of that. Joey, a West Highland terrier, has managed to mate with a Rottweiler female twice his size, resulting in a litter of 11 puppies who have been named ‘Wotties’. Teresa Patterson, who owns both dogs and lives in North Grimston, Yorkshire, was caught off guard by the unexpected mating and only discovered it when the puppies arrived.

The union of Rottweiler Zara and West Highland terrier Joey resulted in an interesting cross-breed called ‘Wottie’.

Teresa Patterson, a resident of North Grimston, Yorkshire, was taken aback when her dogs, Zara and Joey, mated, and she had no idea until the puppies were born. Unfortunately, the mother lost interest in the litter, and four of the puppies died. Ms Patterson had to intervene when Zara refused to feed the remaining seven puppies. She fed them Weetabix, scrambled eggs, and Horlicks to keep them healthy and help them sleep. Despite Ms Patterson’s efforts, Zara remained uninterested, prompting her to seek new homes for the “attention-seeking” puppies through Yorkshire Coast Dog Rescue in Scarborough. Two of the puppies were adopted by Ms Patterson’s sons, while the remaining five found homes elsewhere. Ms Patterson, an administrative clerk aged 50, said that she got Joey in May and did not believe that he would mate with Zara so soon. When the puppies began to emerge, she was shocked and started to scream.

To ensure the puppies were well-fed, Ms Patterson resorted to giving them a combination of Weetabix and scrambled eggs as Zara, on the left, was unwilling to feed them.

In the summer, Zara, a four-year-old dog, surprised her owner by giving birth to 11 puppies. However, she left the responsibility of taking care of them to Joey, a one-year-old dog. The owner was initially shocked but pleased with the lovely temperament of the puppies that took after their parents. Although high maintenance and always craving attention, the owner’s son has taken a liking to Sparkie, one of the puppies. Despite this, the owner plans to take Joey to the vet to prevent another unexpected pregnancy from happening again in the future.

Roughly translated: It’s a pity that four of the puppies didn’t make it, but fortunately, Ms. Patterson came to the rescue when Zara wasn’t up for feeding them.

Ms. Patterson has decided to take her pet Joey, who is only one year old, to the veterinarian to avoid any similar incident from happening in the future. She is confident that this proactive step will ensure the safety and well-being of her beloved pet.

Joey was welcomed into Ms Patterson’s residence back in May, while Zara gave birth to a batch of 11 puppies in July.

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