Gal Gadot’s Secrets to Achieving Her Wonder Woman Physique – A Look into Her Diet and Fitness Regimen

Let’s face it, Gal Gadot embodied the character of Wonder Woman way before she even got the chance to use the Lasso of Truth. Prior to pursuing her acting career, she served in the Israeli Defense Force. As a child, Gadot was quite adventurous and athletic, spending most of her time playing sports and climbing fences. So, it’s safe to say that preparing for her role as a DC superhero was not much of a challenge for her. However, this did not stop her from working hard – she gained 14 pounds of muscle before donning the iconic red and gold armor. Here’s how she did it: Gal Gadot made sure to exercise every day.


Gadot shared with E! News that she drinks a considerable amount of water every day, akin to a gallon. Her training team also recommended consuming a gallon of water daily as it helps keep the body hydrated, reduces cravings, and increases stamina during physical activities. The advice is also featured in InStyle magazine.

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Gadot varies her workouts to achieve a toned physique for her role in Wonder Woman. She incorporated boxing and martial arts into her routine and worked with trainer Mark Twight. Her training consisted of cardio intervals on the stationary bike and rowing machines, as well as strength-building exercises like squats, ball throws, and pull-ups. When she’s not preparing for a role, Gadot stays in shape by paddle boarding and doing TRX exercises with suspension bands.

In addition, Gadot prioritizes vegetables in her diet. Rather than indulging in cookies for a late-night snack, she opts for fresh veggies such as bell peppers, celery, cherry tomatoes, and avocado toast. Gadot regularly shares her healthy snack choices, like fresh strawberries and tomatoes, on her Instagram account.

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Want to get toned arms like Gadot? An editor who attempted Wonder Woman’s training routine recommends a simple exercise of doing push-ups for 30 seconds followed by holding a plank for 30 seconds, repeated four times. This quick two-minute workout can help strengthen and tone your arms. Remember to keep doing what you love and not give up on it.

Wonder Woman Burger

Let’s talk about Gadot’s eating habits. While she may not indulge in triple-decker burgers inspired by her Wonder Woman character, she still enjoys a good old regular burger every now and then. And when it comes to desserts, chocolate ice cream is her weakness. Gadot identifies as a foodie and enjoys experimenting with different types of food, but she also recognizes the importance of providing her body with the best fuel. She doesn’t limit herself and believes that moderation is key when it comes to food intake. As she told Harper’s Bazaar, it’s all about finding the right balance and being mindful of portion sizes.

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