Rescuing a Stray Dog from Railroad Tracks Just in Time: A Woman’s Quick Thinking Saves a Life

Upon receiving a notification on Facebook about an abandoned grey and white pit bull in a park near the railroad tracks, Nina Love sprang into action. Without wasting any time, she quickly gathered her supplies and reached out to a fellow rescuer residing in the vicinity for help. Although the dog was visible on the tracks, capturing her was no easy feat. Love chased the animal for three long miles down the railway tracks, feeling her adrenaline pumping. She was aware that the train would be approaching soon as it had passed by just before the canine ran onto the tracks, and trains usually traverse every 10 to 15 minutes.

Nina Love found herself in a dangerous situation, but she knew she couldn’t back down when she saw the pleading eyes of the dog. Despite her fear, Love was determined to rescue the frightened animal and approached slowly with caution. “I could sense the fear in her eyes, so I remained patient and kept my distance,” Love recounted. Though it was risky, Love refused to give up on the dog in need.

Dog rescued from train tracks

The Instagram account named “theblackthornberry” shared a heartwarming story about how the presence of another dog helped a stray pittie feel more at ease. During the encounter, Love’s friend had brought her dog, Teddy, along. As Teddy walked up to the pittie, Love’s friend talked to her and held her until Love was able to leash her. It was a beautiful example of how dogs can help each other overcome their fears and build trust.

Dog rescued from oncoming train

The group narrowly escaped a train that was heading towards them while they were on the tracks, after successfully rescuing a dog. The adrenaline rush was so intense that they didn’t even hear the horn. You can watch the incredible rescue on Instagram at theblackthornberry. Nina Love, who is dedicated to assisting stray dogs in Philadelphia, often visits dumping grounds, responds to social media posts, and helps residents who need her assistance. Love believes that we should learn to coexist with animals, and that loving animals is acceptable. Despite facing racial challenges as an African American in this field, Love remains steadfast and determined to help these animals.

The Instagram account, theblackthornberry, is seeking a kind and caring foster parent for a stray dog that needs to recover from a traumatic experience. Love, the account owner, is committed to giving this pup the best care possible and finding the right foster home is crucial. According to Love, the dog is easy to walk on a leash and enjoys meatballs as treats. Most importantly, this pup craves affection and deserves a fresh start in life.

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