“Selena Gomez’s Beachy Selfie: Flaunts Swimsuit Style with Cast on Arm Reveal”

Selena Gomez, the 31-year-old singer, took to Instagram on Thursday to share a stunning mirror selfie of herself in a green and blue floral print swimsuit. The one-piece had a halter neck and plunging neckline that accentuated her curves. Selena sat barefoot with her leg crossed, holding up her cell phone for the selfie in a tall oval mirror that also showed off her spacious closet. She had a black cast on her arm, which she recently revealed the story behind. In another selfie, Selena sported a black crop top, matching long skirt, and tan moccasins, looking chic and comfortable. Her dark hair was parted down the middle and styled into soft curls below her shoulders, giving her a natural and effortless look. To complete her outfit, Selena accessorized with earrings and minimal makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through.

On her Instagram Stories, Selena shared a selfie wearing a black crop top, long matching skirt, and tan moccasins with her arm in a black cast. She revealed that she had tripped on her long summer dress, which caused the injury. During an interview on The Ellen K Morning Show, Selena admitted that she didn’t have a heroic story to share but was glad that she didn’t break her teeth. She didn’t provide any further details about the incident or her injuries. Despite the setback, Selena expressed her joy in making music with her friends and didn’t prioritize selling anything. Her latest song, Single Now, debuted at number two on the Spotify Global charts, which may uplift her spirits during her healing process.

x  - Healing: 'Broke my hand and had surgery,' the 31-year-old singer wrote on a fan account on Saturday (Pictured in New York in March)

X – Recovery: The 31-year-old vocalist shared on a fan page over the weekend that she experienced a hand fracture and underwent an operation. (See photo taken in New York last March)

Long skirt: The 31-year-old entertainer also posted a selfie in a black crop and matching black skirt while also wearing a black cast on her arm

In a recent post, the 31-year-old performer shared a photo of herself sporting a stylish black crop top paired with a matching long skirt. She also had a black cast on her arm, which added an edgy touch to her overall look.

Ouch! Selena Gomez admitted she sustained her hand injury after tripping on her long summer dress

Uh-oh! Selena Gomez has confessed that she injured her hand after tripping over her flowing summer dress. A recent survey conducted by Billboard on August 25th, the day Selena and Miley released their new singles, revealed that 42 percent of fans who participated voted for “Used to be Young” as their favorite new music. Selena’s track, which narrates her plan to break up with her significant other, received 33 percent of the vote. Both songs beat out BLACKPINK’s “The Girls,” Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition,” and Zach Bryan’s newly released self-titled single. As per Chart Data, “Single Soon” made its debut as the trending YouTube music video at number one. Selena has described the song, produced by benny blanco and Cashmere Cat, as a “fun anthem about being confident in oneself and embracing solitude.”

Not that dramatic! Gomez insisted she didn't have a 'really cool story' behind the injury

Gomez downplayed the severity of her injury by stating that there wasn’t anything exciting or noteworthy about how it happened.

'But this is not fun, this is not fun': Gomez added of the injury

Gomez expressed that the injury was not enjoyable or amusing.

Hit: Selena's new release, Single Soon, is already a huge hit. The track debuted at number two on the Spotify Global charts. The video was trending at number one on YouTube following its August 25 debut

Selena Gomez’s new release “Single Soon” has become an instant success, debuting at number two on Spotify Global charts and trending at number one on YouTube since its August 25 release. The singer explained on social media that the track was a fun little song she wrote a while back, perfect for the end of summer. Although the song is expected to be included in a future album, no official release date has been announced. In a previous interview, Selena expressed her desire to produce music that would make people smile while also tackling real-life issues, with the theme of her current music being freedom from relationships and darkness.

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