“Unforgettable Collaboration: Shakira and Rihanna’s Teaser for ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You'”

Shakira has given her fans a sneak peek of her upcoming music video, which features Rihanna and is set to be a sultry hit. The short 55-second clip shows the two artists dancing together in a lavish mansion while wearing revealing clothing. In one scene, Shakira is seen sensually touching Rihanna with her eyes partly closed, and in another scene, they are both relaxing by a pool and smoking cigars. This teaser is sure to grab attention and leave fans eagerly anticipating the full release.

Up close and personal: Shakira caresses Rihanna in a sexy teaser for her new music video Can't Remember To Forget You

In an intimate teaser for her upcoming music video, Shakira can be seen getting up close and personal with Rihanna. The sultry clip showcases the two pop stars in a seductive embrace, with Shakira’s hands caressing Rihanna. When asked about her choice of collaborator, Shakira stated that she wanted to combine the reggae and rock genres in her new song “Can’t Remember To Forget You”, and thought that Rihanna would be the perfect fit. The music video begins with a sweeping view of what looks like Los Angeles before zooming in on Rihanna’s face.

Her other half: The Colombian beauty said the music combines reggae and rock and that's why she thought Rihanna was perfect and 'the other half for this'

According to the Colombian beauty, the music is a fusion of reggae and rock. Therefore, she believed that Rihanna was an ideal fit and referred to her as “the other half” of the project.

They're smoking: Shakira and Rihanna enjoy a swim in the pool and then her-and-her cigars in this sexy scene

Shakira and Rihanna were caught on camera enjoying a swim in the pool followed by a smoking session. A sexy scene indeed!

Mixing up the monochrome: The singers are shown sprawled beside each other on black-and-white striped towels while clad in swimwear

The singers are lounging on towels with black-and-white stripes and posing in their swimsuits. Rihanna mentions that they are filming a music video, and the nighttime skyline provides a beautiful backdrop. Shakira arrives at the grand set with her group and begins to dance against the wall while singing her song. The set is a chateau-style mansion with turquoise walls, gilded chandelier, and high ceilings. She later takes a dip in the pool.

Monologue: Rihanna is seen at the beginning of the teaser announcing, 'We are on a set of a music video with Shakira-Shakira'

In the intro of the teaser, we catch a glimpse of Rihanna as she announces that they are currently on the set of a new music video with the one and only Shakira-Shakira.

Shameless plug: Shakira gave fans a peek at the behind-the-scenes video on her Twitter

Don’t miss out on this shameless plug – Shakira has generously shared with her fans a sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes in a video she tweeted.

Mansion minx: The video was shot at a chateau-style mansion with heavily paneled walls that Shakira made good use of in this seductive scene

The stunning Shakira was captured on camera in a chateau-style mansion with richly-paneled walls, creating an alluring and sensual atmosphere in the video.

Got a secret: Shakira gives the viewer a come-hither look

Here’s a little secret: Shakira is enticing viewers with a seductive gaze.

Ready for her close-up: Rihanna smoulders with a heavy-lidded look as crew prepare the scene

All set for her moment in the spotlight, Rihanna gives a sultry and intense gaze as the production team gets everything ready for the shoot.

How's this angle: The 25-year-old Diamonds singer tilted her head to show the effect

What do you think of this perspective: The famous singer, Rihanna, known for her hit song Diamonds, playfully tilted her head in one scene of her latest music video. Another scene shows her standing arm in arm with Shakira, almost kissing her cheek. The highly anticipated video is set to debut on VEVO this Thursday, and Shakira promoted it on her YouTube and Twitter accounts, expressing her excitement to share it with fans.

Sheer daring: The blonde singer plays an electric guitar while clad in a see-through open blouse, black bra and lacy leggings

The blond singer is showing sheer boldness as she strums away on her electric guitar, dressed in a daring outfit consisting of a transparent open blouse, black brassiere, and lace leggings.

Rock 'n rolling: The songstress seemed to let it rip on guitar

Jamming out: The female singer appeared to really let loose on the guitar.

Drum roll: The 55-minute teaser also shows Shakira playing the drums

Get ready for some excitement as the new 55-minute teaser features Shakira showcasing her drumming skills. Although there is more to Shakira than just her music career, as she is a caring mother to her one-year-old son Milo with Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique. Shakira shared with People that she now appreciates living in the present and cherishing each moment. Rihanna, who retweeted the video teaser and cigar-smoking photo on her social media accounts, is reportedly dating her on-and-off again partner Drake. The couple was seen together at the same Grammys after-party located at the Greystone Mansion above LA’s Sunset Boulevard.

Dancing in the dark: Shakira is half-hidden in her wild mane of hair as she dances beside the pool

As Shakira moves and grooves beside the pool, her wild and untamed hair partially obscures her figure, creating an alluring and mysterious effect. The darkness of the night only adds to the atmosphere, making the scene feel even more electric and exciting. It’s a moment that captures the spirit of freedom and expression that Shakira is known for, and it’s impossible not to be drawn in by her energy and passion.

Time for a dip: Shakira is seen wading in the shallow end

It’s time to take a swim! Recently, Shakira was spotted enjoying the shallow end of a pool. Feel free to share your thoughts or leave a comment on this news. Also, don’t forget to check out the teaser for Shakira and Rihanna’s upcoming music video “Can’t Remember To Forget You.”

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