A Heartwarming Tale of a Doberman’s Unlikely Adoption of an Abandoned Kitten and Her Nurturing of Both Puppies and Kitten Alike

Lately, a charming tale of a dog taking in a baby kitten and caring for her as one of her own puppies went viral on the web. The endearing account touched the hearts of countless individuals, even those who are usually tough to move. This account demonstrates that a mother’s love has no limits and is not restricted by species.

Brittany Callan resides in the town of Geneseo in upstate New York with her Doberman Pinscher, Ruby. Recently, Ruby gave birth to six puppies and shortly thereafter, she willingly took in an abandoned kitten and raised it as if it was one of her own pups.

Brittany Callan came across a kitten named Ramblin’ Rose in the grass and decided to take her home. Knowing that her dog Ruby had recently given birth to puppies, she hoped that Ruby’s maternal instincts would extend to the little blind kitten. To her relief, Ruby immediately took to Rose and began licking her as if she were one of her own puppies.

Brittany Callan shared that her dog Ruby easily connected with the small animals around her and was very friendly towards them. According to Callan, Ruby was raised with small animals and learned to treat them kindly by licking them and being friendly towards them. Callan described Ruby as a very compassionate dog who gets along well with everyone.

Brittany Callan reports that Rose has finally acclimated to her new home with Ruby and her litter of puppies. The kitten has developed a strong affection for her new siblings, and Ruby and her pups reciprocate that love. In fact, Ruby has taken to carrying the tiny cat around the house in her mouth. At night, they all cuddle up together as a cozy little family.

Brittany Callan shared an adorable video of puppies who will be ready for their new homes when they reach 10 weeks old. Ramblin’ Rose, however, will be taken home by Callan’s cousin Gibbs when she is fully grown. Don’t forget to spread this heartwarming story with your loved ones!

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