“Unbreakable Bond: Two Shelter Dogs Refuse to Be Separated and Only Want to be Adopted Together”

Bonded pairs don’t always have to be related by blood. In fact, they can even come in the form of two furry friends – just like Merrill and Taco. These two dogs, a pit bull and a chihuahua, were given up to Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Despite their different breeds and backgrounds, they quickly became best buddies and were inseparable from then on. They would do everything together and always stayed in each other’s company. Whenever they were separated, they would even cry for one another. Scroll down to see their heartwarming photos and witness their unbreakable bond!

Rocket Dog Rescue
After observing the strong connection between the two dogs, the shelter team recognized that they were inseparable and required a joint adoption. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find someone who is open to adopting both canines.

Merrill and Taco’s heartwarming story was shared on social media by the shelter hoping to find them a new family. The bond between these two is unbreakable, unlike any other bonded pairs the shelter has seen before. They become emotional when they are separated from each other, and it’s heart-wrenching to see them apart. These adorable dogs have lost everything that mattered to them, but we cannot allow them to lose each other too.

Rocket Dog Rescue’s tale spread like wildfire and ended up reaching a household in San Diego, where the family was smitten with both Merrill and Taco, and resolved to adopt them both. The family guaranteed that the two furry friends were inseparable and well taken care of, and pledged to give periodic updates with images to show their progress.

Merrill Taco, a beloved pet, has left us after spending three long years with his new family. Even though he is no longer with us, it’s comforting to know that he was able to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life in his forever home during his last days.

It’s with a heavy heart that we share our recent loss. Our beloved furry friend, Merrill Taco, has left us. Despite his small size, he left a big impact on our lives. We initially estimated only a year of companionship after adopting him, but we were blessed with three wonderful years. We are grateful for the time he spent with us as a part of our family.

Merrill and Taco are two adorable creatures whose photos you can find on their Facebook page. Their story is truly heartwarming and worth sharing with your loved ones.

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