Heart-wrenching Story of a Puppy Shot in the Face and Abandoned

Let’s introduce you to Bubbles, a terrier who had a rough start in life. As a tiny pup, she was abandoned at a shelter after being shot in the head. Despite her painful past, Bubbles had the good fortune of finding loving parents who gave her a second chance. When Bubbles arrived at the shelter, she was just six months old and had a shattered jaw that made it impossible for her to eat. It was clear that she needed an abundance of care and affection to help her recover. Thankfully, Kilyn Horton and Francisco Muldoon, who are now her devoted owners, stepped up to give her the love and support she needed.

The puppy was discovered by a couple while volunteering at Houston Pets Alive in Texas. They were deeply moved by the pitiful state of the little dog and decided to adopt her. Despite her poor health, they took great care of her and nursed her back to good health. Thanks to her new family’s love and commitment, the puppy is now making a remarkable recovery. Her owner has documented her journey on Instagram to share her transformation with people all over the world. As a result, the adorable pup has already gathered over 18,000 followers.

According to khbubbles, Kilyn and Francisco run a business that offers mobile dog grooming services. They came across a dog named Bubbles who had been through a lot of pain. Kilyn felt sympathy for the dog and decided to take her home. When Kilyn first saw Bubbles, she noticed how sad and lonely she looked. Bubbles kept moving around her crate, but as soon as they opened the door, she put her head on Kilyn’s chest. It was clear to Kilyn that Bubbles just wanted to be loved. She felt an instant connection with the dog and knew that they had to adopt her.

According to khbubbles, a couple in Houston took care of Bubble, a dog who had been shot and beaten with a hammer. The couple brought her to their local veterinary clinic, Sugar Land, where X-rays showed that a 9mm shell was still stuck in her skull. The bullet caused damage to her right ear canal. Additionally, the couple noticed that Bubble was having difficulty eating and discovered that she had been subjected to further abuse after surviving the initial shooting.

The couple shared a heartbreaking story about their pet, Bubbles. Due to a shattered right jaw joint, the bones had healed into a calcified lump, making it difficult for her to perform daily activities. Bubbles could only open her mouth half an inch, which made it surprising that she could eat at all. In total, it took three and a half hours of surgery to remove a portion of her lower jaw and extract the bullet. The vets handed the police the item for forensic analysis. Additionally, Bubbles had her ear canal removed, and her right ear was stitched shut. Another surgery removed the remaining damaged eye and sewed her right socket shut.

According to Kilyn, Bubbles’ life has been filled with struggle and difficulty. Despite this, Bubbles continues to show affection and love towards everyone she meets. She simply wants people to come over and spend time with her so she can snuggle up to them. Bubbles’ owner also mentioned that her injuries have not hindered her in any way. This serves as an encouragement for others to adopt dogs that require special attention.

According to khbubbles, there is a great deal of harshness in the world. However, it is important for individuals to understand that if they encounter an abused or wounded dog in a shelter, it does not mean that the animal is beyond help. Sometimes these dogs are just afraid and require some tender loving care. In return, they have an abundance of affection to offer.

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